Grains + Malts

Homestead Roots

A partnership between Root Shoot Malting and Lake Hollow Homestead.

What happens when a fifth generation grain farm meets a first generation garlic farm?

Strange and wonderful things, of course! 

We have formed a partnership with our amazing friends at Root Shoot Malting to serve as their direct-to-consumer retailers of all things grain and malt. We provide grains and grain-based products such as malts to homebrewers and flours to home bakers and whole grains to anyone who might take an interest in dabbling in the locally-grown world of wheat, barley, rye, and corn.

Currently, all malts and large grain orders must be pre-ordered on our webstore and picked up at City Star Brewing on Wednesdays between 5-7pm. Each week’s ordering window runs from Thursday – Tuesday, so we have time to package them Wednesday mornings. Orders placed on Wednesdays will be filled for the following week.

We hope to have more pickup options available, soon!

Click the links below to check out what we currently have in stock.

Brewers Malts

Raw Grains

Artisanal Flours