What is a CSA?

CSA Overview

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) links consumers to local, seasonal produce purchased directly from a farmer in their community. CSA members invest in local farms by making an up-front purchase of a “share”  of that farm’s harvest before the growing season begins. In return, every CSA member receives a weekly basket of freshly harvested vegetables.

Risks and Rewards of a CSA

The CSA structure benefits both farmers and consumers alike by supplying consumers with local, seasonal produce from their own community and by providing farmers with capital for start-up expenses that need to be paid before the first crop is harvested.

As a CSA member owning a “share” of the harvest, you also share in the abundance and inherent risk associated with farming. You may receive more volume and variety in a good week and less in a challenging week. In extreme cases, entire harvests might be wiped out by hail, drought, or other natural disasters.  We do our best to diversify our crops, rotate plantings, and create systems that protect us from unplanned events but farming is, by its nature, unpredictable.  Every week we will strive to provide a minimum of the retail value of produce, but we are always hoping to bring you even more.

Benefits of participating in a CSA include:

  • A weekly basket of fresh, responsibly raised produce each week
  • Produce that is harvested less than 24 hours before delivery, improving taste, nutrition, and storage at home.
  • Access to new or different produce that you may not usually purchase (with recipes to help you out!)
  • Learning to eat with the seasons, receiving what is ripe and ready to harvest in your community each week
  • Supporting a local, small business in your community
  • The ability to talk with your farmers and know everything about how and where your food was raised


Each year, Lake Hollow Homestead offers a CSA that runs in tandem with our local farmers market. Check out our CSA page for the most updated details for the current year’s offerings!